I got new shit homie! Listen up!

Hey, I just saw on your one of your replies that you're from NJ. Just curious, whereabouts? I'm originally from way south in Salem Co. (also, after all this time, I glad you still have a good attitude about the Amnesia video. Sorry they took it down)

I’m from Northern NJ (Sussex county, Vernon to be specific). And it’s np, I like talking about the Amnesia video with people. Probably the most awesome thing that’s ever happened to me so it’s not like I’m gonna be like “RAH FUCKOFF” every time someone brings it up lol.

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This is some shit I’m working on that my friend Nick is gonna help me out with once we get the time to work together and recooorrdduh. I had a lot of fun with this one and it’s still real rough but I just couldn’t resist myself from postin’ dis hip hop WIP.

Hey, I remember someone telling me you made the Amnesia vid from forever ago, Is that true?

Yeah it is true lol I’m the DILDOBITCH.

Hey Tom! it's Robbie! you should put good day to be a ghoul up here! or link me a way to find it! been trying to find that song for ever. *not really a question.

I should definitely post that up here. Nick and I really should finish it first lololol I mean it’s pretty sweet as it is but it could be finiiiiished.

:'O where is your amnesia video??

The YouTubes banned it from the internet :.

okay, wow, I hadn't been on tumblr for a while so I missed some of your new stuff you posted 2 months ago. holyyyyyy shit. you make some fucking awesome electronic stuff. I'm usually very critical of modern electronic/dubstep styled music but your's is fantastic. I can't get over it.

Aw shit meng thank you so much. I make electronic stuff every now and then but I keep my distance from that most of the time because I’m still real rusty at it. I try though and I’m glad to hear someone likes it!

are you the 'bag of milky ways' guy? lollll

I’m the guy who made the video who was buggin’ the whole time but the guy who says the milky ways quote right before I scream is actually my friend Mark (who’s in my friends and doesn’t use tumblr much and I’m not actually sure what his name on tumblr is lol).

So not only are you a funny guy to watch on youtube, but you're multi-talented. But I'm curious as to what media you prefer to work or or Major in. And what in God's great name possessed you to even try such a scary ass game.

I have no idea what media direction I’m going to go in @_@. It’s probably safe to say music but I don’t think I’ll be making a career out of it as much as it will most likely just be a hobby I’m real passionate about.

Hi, do you know basslinesanghugs irl?

Hm, I’m not sure. I don’t think so?